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Ptonline and Associates offer Facilitation, Project Strategy and Communication Services in the following areas.

Organisational Planning

Blueprints for organisational sustainability strategies including stakeholder analysis, change management strategies and training, management system development and triple bottom line reporting. One of the biggest success we had with Organisational planning was with leading cleaning company, who are Bond Cleaning Brisbane experts who were facing some serious company organisation. With the help of Ptonline, not only did our programe increased their company sales but helped them to organise and control their cleaning equipments and materials, while lead to even bigger savings.

Community Planning

Blueprints for improving the capacity and engagement of urban
and rural communities - capacity analysis and capacity-building strategies; social impact assessment and social plans, engagement, facilitation training. Over the years, we have assisted many clients to help them with large scale projects that are for the benefit of local and national communities. Since, we help with community planning; many companies come to us for fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities.

Environmental Planning

Coastal management, vegetation management, river management, integrated natural resource management with particular emphasis on water quality and riverine conditions. Many of our corporate clients have geological and other projects that require management of environmental elements. We help do that without expertise and knowledge.

Buiness Planning

We help entrepreneurs buy and sell their businesses after careful evaluation. We have also worked with one of the biggest businesses that buys and sells companies in Australia and have helped thousands of people in picking the right business for sale in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc. Our expert team of clients gives professional and sound business advice to our clients so that they can excel in their line and make precise plans to help their growth. With our assistance, many companies have operated smoothly, grown exponentially and competed within a tough market and undertaken risks to generate profits.


'Real Men Don't Plan... to have disappointments, hopes, crises, dreams, setbacks or uncertainties.

Come join us for the December (2021) and January (2022) sessions for men to explore topics and have discussions you have no other person to have with. We promise you are not alone in thinking life is hard and you need direction.

Workshop sessions 6th September 2016 - Men Only.

Take this one-day opportunity to explore the ‘bigger picture’ of your life, a time to think about where you’ve been, where you’re going and where you might want to go....exploring possibilities for the ‘good life’. You will produce your own strategic plan for the possible futures ahead.

Led by Australian-based professionals Ptonline & Bob Dick

our sessions are arranged with experience, expertise and patience. We make sure every person attending has a meaningful experience and takes away lessons from the sessions which are useful for them in real life.


Four Thursdays Advanced Facilitation Course 

Master Class 2022 including 1 day of graphic facilitation

5th, 12th & 19th June + 10th July

Building on your strengths as a facilitator of groups:

Day One: Getting Started & ‘commissioning’ or considering a participatory process

Day Two: Facilitation design. Planning a participatory event – macro-techniques tool box

Day Three: Participation design and techniques. Sustaining participation – micro-techniques tool box. Reaching outcomes – visions, decisions and actions tool box

Day Four: Facilitation using graphics. Graphic facilitation toolbox. Your facilitation strategy: facilitation as a skill set, a way of life and a business; networks and support for your skills development


Savvy Young Women studio: Sunday 14th February 2022.

One- day session for women in their 20’s and 30’s.

Steering your future, navigating the challenges, changes and choices.

· Facilitators – Ptonline & young professional Jess Heimburger

· 8.45am for 9.00am to 4.30pm

· Venue: South Brisbane

· Cost: $140 (includes GST)

Are you interested and available to invest one day to look into this part of your life? We have dreamed of offering a one-day ‘discuss & design’ session for young women and here it is. This SYW day is focused on you and your future.


Ptonline has an extensive background in environmental, social and urban planning as well as organisational strategy both in the public and private sector. With over 28 years professional experience, she is currently the principal consultant of her own facilitation and project strategy consultancy.

Ptonline Newsletter / current December 2015

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Mary's Strategic Planning Clients 2014-15

CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship
Urban Land Development Authority
Qld Council of Social Services, Futures Forum
West End State School
Urban Circus Infrastructure Simulation
Nundah and Acacia Ridge Community Centres
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Qld Regional NRM Groups Collective
Redland Shire Council
Moreton Bay Regional Council
SKM; and Crystal Waters Community


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