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As a teacher and University lecturer for 11 years, Ptonline has teaching expertise to draw upon for the production and delivery of adult education style training courses in key areas.

Courses to date include:

  • Facilitation Plus, a training course (see below).

  • Sustainability Plus, a training course for Board Directors and Executives.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Training program for the introduction of the EPBC Act 1999
    Commonwealth Department of Environment & Heritage - Designing your Community Engagement plan and Community engagement techniques training

  • Personal Planning for Women - a weekend course with small groups of women.

Facilitation Plus

A training course covering 12 tools for effective facilitation. Conducted for staff of WWF in Sydney and SKM in Brisbane. "This intermediate-level course is designed around facilitation theory combined with practical sessions where participants use the facilitation tools and learn through case studies of facilitation in practice." 
Kimberley Dixon, HR Manager, WWF

SKM Personnel who undertook the Facilitation Plus training course:

"Great facilitator. Made participants feel very comfortable. Demonstrated experience.'"

"Very good. Covered a lot of aspects of facilitation. Good overview."

"Mary read the group well and changed the program in response (she practiced what she was teaching!) "

"Mary definitely values others' experiences. Put it all into context for me."

Department of Natural Resources and Water - Social and Economic Impact Assessment
The six modules in this course were developed with departmental staff, academics, SKM and River Consulting and the course was piloted with Queensland Murray Darling Committee Inc in December. The course’s impact will occur through the training of natural scientists and professional communicators so that they can anticipate and better manage social and economic impacts which may result from changing farming practices for environmental improvement.
John Mackenzie, SEIA, DRW

Personal Planning for Women
Weekend Getaway

"The relaxing and informative program took me from muddled and dysfunctional thoughts about what shape the next phase of my life would be and to clarity of thinking and to special insights about the transition process
Sam, Weekend #3

"We explored a wide range of topics and dud activities to dig even deeper. I found a real focus for my way forward. The Personal Plan is the next step. When I include spiritual and community focus, work will be in balance."
Kay, Weekend #1.

"The course came at a good time for my work and private life – helped me to look at the future in a positive way"
Maria, town planner, weekend #3

"It is a great course to begin the rest of my life in balance. My work was intruding and dominating. I needed to change but could not take the first step. It moved me to explore areas that were seemingly 'dead'. I know now what I want to do"
Judy, Weekend #3.

"It would be great doing it with partners so we could plan together"
Melina, Weekend #2.

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